1. Are the EAT Anytime Products Vegetarian?
Yes, they are 100 % vegetarian, as it does not contain any animal or products from animal origin as per FSSAI.  Thus, from the below mention Definitions out products are vegetarian.(These are Definition from FSSAI)
Non- Vegetarian Food” means an article of food which contains whole or part of any animal including birds, fresh water or marine animals or eggs or products of any animal origin, but does not include milk, milk products or honey as an ingredient;
Vegetarian Food” means any article of Food other than Non- Vegetarian Food as defined in these regulations.

  1. Are the EAT Anytime Products Gluten-free?
Yes, except Berry Blast, Butterscotch & kids Trail mix.
Gluten-free foods: AS PER FSSAI
  1. These foods consist of or are made from one or more ingredients which may contain rice, rye, barley, oats and millets or ragi, pulses and legumes, where the inherent gluten has been reduced and the gluten level does not exceed 20 milligram (mg)/kilogram (kg) in total, based on the food as sold or distributed to the consumer.
  2. The product does not contain wheat or any of its ingredients and shall bear the label declaration as provided in the sub-regulation 2.4.5 (52) of Food Safety and Standards
(Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011.
  1. A food which, by its nature, is suitable for use as part of a gluten-free diet shall not be named as “special dietary”. “special dietetic” or any other equivalent term. However, such a food may bear a statement on the label that “this food is by its nature gluten-free. Provided that it complies with the essential composition provisions for gluten-free as described above and such a statement does not mislead the consumer.
  1. Are the EAT Anytime Products Vegan?
“Vegan” means the product doesn’t contain ingredients of animal origin, including milk, eggs, honey, and gelatin. Of course, meat, poultry and fish are not vegan either. Yes, are most of the products are vegan.
Muchies – All are vegan, except cheese Jalapeno (since cheese powder used is process from milk). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcium_carbonate
Millet- All except quinoa bar (hazelnut filling contains, milk and its products)
Trail mix & energy bars- vegan
Cookies – Not vegan (Whey protein used derived from milk)
  1. Are the EAT Anytime products keto-friendly?
A KETO- DIET usually consists of 70% fat,10% carbs,20% protein, Basically high fat and low carbs. They usually avoid, lentils, sweeteners, oatmeal’s etc.
We as far for now don’t have specific product as keto-friendly. But Trail Mixes which have Coconut and Dry Fruits can be consumed in moderations (Except Papaya Pinnaple)
  1. What is the shelf life of EAT Anytime products?
The shelf life of our Bars (Energy & Millet) are 6 months. Rest all products have 9 months of Shelf life.
  1. How are EAT Anytime products sweet if there is no added sugar?
Few of our products are date based, some contain natural fruits (like dehydrated raisins, pineapple) and we use Prebiotic Fibres derived from fruit which is sweet in taste and very good for your gut. So, there is no addition of any form of refined sugars, the sweetness comes from all its natural ingredients.
  1. Can EAT Anytime products be consumed by diabetics?
Most of our products have natural sugar and a few have Sugar free Dark Chocolate. We do not use any kind of refined sugar. We use Prebiotic Fibres derived from fruit which is sweet in taste and very good for your gut.
Since we are not aware about your sugar level we suggest its best to have the products approved by your consulting doctors.
Advice - The Key mantra of managing Diabetes is eating in “Moderation” and hence we could suggest to have 1 bar or a handful of Trail mixes and Munchies in your diet. This shall help you manage your Insulin level better.
  1. Can EAT Anytime products be consumed by pregnant women?
Yes you can consume our products but we would suggest you to have it confirmed with your Gynaecologist to ensure it fits in your Diet schedule
  1. Can EAT Anytime products be consumed as protein replacement?
EAT Anytime, Products are basically to munch on during your mid hunger pangs usually anytime, anywhere. These are healthy snacks options for you to avoid junk products.
We have our Protein Cookies which can definitely fulfil your Protein Macros. We are coming up with Protein Bars too but currently we have Energy and Millet bars which are more towards Healthy Eating.
  1. Can EAT Anytime products be consumed by children?
Yes, children from age group 3 year & above can consume ¼ of the energy bars, cookies and trail mix, it will provide them enough instant energy carbs, protein & fibres.
Make sure, you Consult your Paediatric for so & check out if your children are allergen to any products/ ingredient & has any health issues, prior consumption.
 Below is RDA given by FSSAI for all age-group
  1. Can EAT Anytime products be consumed by senior citizens?
Yes, before consumption if you’re having any medical conditions (diabetics, B.p, cardiovascular, kidney stone) or Allergen to any products, you should consult your doctor’s prior consumption.
  1. How are EAT Anytime products healthy?
Our products are trans-fat free, contains zero cholesterol, Natural ingredients, no added refined sugars, nutritionally dense & packed with antioxidants. Promoting Healthier options in your lifestyle, maintaining good health & cut-off junk foods.