Does Your Workplace Cafeteria Provide Healthy Snacks?

Nowadays, many professionals & office-goers don’t bother to carry their share of homemade food from their houses. With the per capita income increased in most of the urban families, most members of the family take up jobs and are in the pursuit of building their careers. Home cooking has taken a back seat in almost all the urban households. People prefer eating their meals out in restaurants or choose to grab meal items from take away counters from various eateries which have recently cropped up close to several corporate setups in the city. The importance of health & nutrition has been cast aside in the hunt for convenience. Hence, its difficult to find eateries today which provide healthy snacks & meals. Meals served in the cafeteria often is doused in oil or fat or added with too many food additives to make them appetizing. Most often snack options have often opted from the office canteen which may mainly be any junk food or rarely any freshly prepared tiffin items. Importance of Choosing Healthy Snacks Over Junk Foods as Snacks The foods we munch in between main meals play a vital role in regulating our metabolism through the day. Going hungry in between main meals throughout the day is not healthy in the long run. On the other extreme, munching on junk foods as in between snacks may not solve the problem either. It can cause the same harm, if not worse. So, what is the option? Choosing healthy, wholesome, portable snacks are the way to go! These healthy snacks should basically contain minimum refined sugar & fats, additives & preservatives and more of natural foods. The more we resort to natural foods as our mini meals, the more we can ensure better health for ourselves in the future. Your Snack Can Affect Your Performance As Well! Consuming sugar, fat-rich snacks to munch on can cause mood crashes after a short period of time. This is because sugar-rich foods cause a sudden spike in blood sugars which gives the temporary alertness & hunger-satiating feeling. But, later, after a lapse of 1-2 hours, the hunger pangs can increase craving for more sugar-rich foods. This leads us into a chain of hankering for & binging into more calorie dense foods. These foods can also cause sluggishness & lethargy later when their spike effect wears off. These factors can result in overall productivity & performance at our workplace, due to decreased attention & drowsiness which can often follow after a calorie-dense snack or meal. Options Of Healthy Snacks to Choose At Workplace
  • Roasted Bengal Gram
  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Whole Fruits or Mixed Fruit Platter
  • Nuts Snack Bars
  • Puffed Rice Or Popcorn
  • Nuts & Dried Fruits
Store/carry these items to your workplace and forget your trip to the cafeteria often!

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