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Use Of Healthy Granola in Energy Bars


In India, Granola bars are becoming very popular these days among youngsters and have emerged as a healthy, convenient, flavourful and budget-friendly snack option. What is Granola? Granola is a mix of rolled oats, puffed rice, nuts, seeds, dry fruits and some sweet ingredients like honey, dates and chocolate. This blend of ingredients gives an energy boost to the body as is low in sugar and, therefore low on calories and granola is a rich source of proteins and fibre. The people like working professionals, gym-goers, hikers and travellers love to have them in between meals to keep their hunger pangs at bay. Granola bars can be a healthy option in comparison to other processed foods for breakfast, on-the-go meals and as a post-workout snack.

Granola bar nutritional composition

A healthy Granola bar is generally made up of oats, nuts, seeds, millet, honey, coconut and other natural ingredients with no added sugar. The ingredients proportion varies according to the variety of Granola Bars. These bars are not only convenient and easy on the pocket but also a perfect blend of nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibre. Some of them are also fortified with vitamins and minerals, which are good for maintaining a healthy heart, gut health, blood glucose level and proper brain functioning. In the market, all granola bars are not created equally, some of them are high in calories due to added sugar and some have artificial flavours and preservatives in them, these are just like a candy bar loaded with sugar. This type of bar can have adverse effects on health. The nutritional value of the bars can vary from brand to brand and completely based on the ingredients it is composed of.

Health benefits of granola bars

The health benefits of Granola bars depend on a variety of factors like their composition, age group who is consuming and very importantly timing, generally a good granola bar offers multiple health benefits:

  • Weight management- Granola bars with good ingredients can be a good choice for weight loss. Having a bar between the meals that are made up of natural and balanced ingredients, keeps you fuller for a long time. Proportioned food works better than a diet plan for weight management. Bars with low sodium works best, as they decrease the appetite and chances of food intake.
  • Healthy heart- Granola bars help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. The bad cholesterol is responsible for blockage in the heart arteries and increased blood pressure. The fibre present in oats and nuts decreases the bad cholesterol or LDL level in the body. Therefore, bars with a good amount of fibre can fight this bad cholesterol and keep your heart healthy.
  • Brain functioning- Granola bars that contain vitamins like vitamins A, C and E and minerals like potassium and iron with the proper blend of nutrition can help in better functioning of the brain. These also have positive effects on the cognitive activity of the brain.
  • Source of protein, fibre and vitamin E: Muscle strength is necessary for an active life, proteins present in the granola bars help in muscle building and repair of muscles. Fibre content helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system as the fibre present in these bars is good for the growth of gut bacteria. Vitamin E helps protect skin from damage and gives beautiful and glowing skin.

Rules to select a good granola bar:

  • Look for the bar with known ingredients and select bars having the least number of ingredients like 2-3 rather than 10-15 ingredients
  • Select the bar with a good amount of fibre and protein and with fewer calories.
  • Natural ingredients like fruits, nuts and wholesome grains are the best choices.
  • For weight loss choose a bar with no added sugar and having lesser calories.
  • A good granola bar is free from preservatives and artificial flavours.


Granola bar is a delicious, convenient and nutritious option when you have less time or no time for your meal. A bar with less sugar, few calories and a decent amount of protein and fibre can be a good choice but always check the ingredient list carefully. Some bars may contain ingredients like sugar alcohol, artificial flavours and preservatives that can be harmful to your health. Selection of a good bar is very essential to get healthy results. Moderation is the key to good health, never overeat, if you find them satisfying your taste buds. So next time when you feel hungry and want some snacks then grab a granola bar of a good brand like eat anytime and enjoy its delicious taste along with its health benefits.

Disclaimer: Content in this blog is drawn from Wikipedia and Google searches. Accuracy may fluctuate, and updates may not be immediate. For dietary or health changes, consulting a dietitian or healthcare expert is recommended.

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