Use Of Healthy Granola in Energy Bars

Granola, a form of processed cereal, has been commonly consumed & accepted by the mainstream population after it was utilized for preparing bars. Today, granola is also utilized in making energy bars or as their separate granola bars, which act as a rich source of carbohydrates. Granola was initially prepared using whole grains or graham flour in the late 19th century, in New York. Granola has been modified in its composition through the coming years. Today, granola basically consists of rolled oats, along with nuts & honey, which are baked until they are crispy & golden brown in texture & colour respectively. Granola has been used in energy bars as the main base component due to their caloric density. Granola bars are quite low in protein & may not be fortified with essential vitamins & minerals & compared to some energy bars which are comparatively rich in proteins & fortified with micronutrients. A popular energy bars brand selling granola bars online has lower protein content but does contain a good source carbohydrates & dietary fibre. Granola does contain baked cornflakes or puffed rice flakes at times, which may serve as a source of empty calories, hence the onus of preparing healthy granola lies in the hands of the manufacturer! Following are some of the health benefits of granola :

Decreases Bad Cholesterol

A good source of soluble fibre, granola helps in binding with LDL (bad) cholesterol and eliminating it out of the body through bile degradation.

Improves Cognitive Function

Rich source of potassium, granola improves blood pressure & circulation in the body, hence supplying a good amount of oxygen & blood to the brain, improving crucial mental function.

Provides Instant Energy

Granola, though a concentrated source of energy, does not make you feel sluggish after giving a temporary spike of alertness. The manganese content of granola ensures proper & efficient distribution of energy resources to all body parts.

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