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Snack Bars : The Perfect Travel Snack!

Eating most of our meals out has become very common nowadays. Most city folks no longer confirm with the idea of carrying a home cooked meal daily to work. Most prefer eating meals out rather than having the hassle of carrying meals from home. The same trend is observed when one’s profession involves frequent trips around the country or abroad. During several work trips, availability of healthy food is the issue. Sometimes, there is no alternative than to having all three main meals out. However, limiting the intake of snacks from roadside eateries & hotels can prevent a lot of harm to our health in the long run. Arming ourselves with a good supply of healthy snack bars for the work trip can be a solution for this issue.

Travel & Dietary Pattern

People in different regions of the world and the country consume a variety of foods. However, meals & snacks served in hotels & restaurants definitely have more additives, preservatives and fat to make them more appealing to the palate of consumers. Consuming outside meals for several years at a stretch can contribute to causing obesity or metabolic syndrome in the long run. Often business trips arranged serve buffet meals and the snacks served are catered from nearby food joints or vending machines. So, definitely the snacks comprise of junk foods majority of the times. Choosing snack bars as an alternative for evening snacks instead of junk foods can minimize the intake of unhealthy foods.

Snack Bars During Travel

Adding adequate supply of snack bars to your travel checklist can serve as a handy, mini, wholesome meal during the course of the trip. Travelling through trains or buses, we often, tend to buy food items from vendors. Carrying adequate packs of snack bars can save your money spent on these miscellaneous snack items bought through the course of the trip.

Few Tips To Eat Healthy While On Work Trips

  • Avoid buying snacks while traveling. Carry adequate amount of dry snacks with you in the form of snack bars, chivdas, khakras (homemade/healthy if store bought).
  • Hydrate yourself well during the travel. Drink minimum 2-3 ltrs of total fluids per day.
  • During buffet meals, choose a serving of salad or soup before beginning the meal, if available.
  • While having meals in hotels or restaurants, choose meal items in the menu which have names such as grilled / steamed / baked / shallow fried/ roasted instead of names such as deep fried / barbecued / charred / crispy / fritters since most of these have more fat and preservatives in them.
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