Rev Up Your Stamina In Marathon By Energy Bars!

Running a marathon is no easy task. It requires months of regular, disciplined workout & practice sessions to be able to physically endure the long run. Despite much inconvenience & hectic schedules, some fitness freaks & enthusiasts do find time to train for such major events held at a national or state level. No matter which event we participate in, our fitness status is the most important factor to make the participation is any sports event the most memorable one. Nutrition & hydration are two important factors which increase your endurance & improve performance while running a marathon. Nutrition can be ensured by opting for good quality, handy energy bars which can popped in prior to beginning the run. Hydration can be maintained by consuming electrolyte rich drinks through the course of the event. Why is Nutrition Important For any Sports Event? The preparation for any major sports needs to be done for several months prior to the scheduled dates of the main event. Supplementing the fitness regime with good nutrition in the form of adequate proteins & carbohydrates is extremely essential. Good quality protein helps in building lean muscle mass in the body and carbohydrates help to stock up on the glycogen stores in the body. Glycogen loading is done one day prior to the main sports event so that the body has sustained stores of glucose available during the actual course of the event. A carbohydrate rich diet comprising of 70% of total calories is consumed the day prior as part of glycogen loading. Well planned glycogen loading the day prior prevents the runner from ‘hitting the wall’ – a phrase used to describe extreme fatigue & loss of energy stores experienced during endurance sport events such as cycling or running. Energy bars for runners are the most convenient, portable form of pre-event snack which can help provide quick energy through its rich supply of cereals & sugar. Energy bars provide a burst of energy to the limbs to keep them going during the course of the run. Why is Hydration Important For any Sports Event? Another important fitness factor which is essential for performing your best in a running event is the hydration levels of your body. Loss of essential electrolytes & body fluids is quite natural during the course of the event which is lost in the form of sweat. Replenishing these stores is extremely essential in between the event which can be done in the form of electrolyte rich drinks, fruit juices or lime juice with salt & honey added. These helps significantly in keeping up your hydration level of the body. Pre workout snacks in the form of energy bars and electrolyte rich juices & drinks can help us carry on through the running event successfully. Read More : Marathon Runners Diet Plan: 5 Foods to Eat before Marathon

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