Healthy Snacks for Kids

Quick Snacks : A Hassle-free Option For Your Child’s Tiffin

Children often dislike what their mothers pack for them in their tiffins or lunch boxes for their short breaks. They prefer having more junk snacks rather than something healthy which has been packed. They may go out of the way to avoid having their home-packed tiffins and may go for choosing junk options from the canteen. Mothers have a tough preparing delicious, novel quick snacks which may appeal to the palate of their tiny tots. Catching the interest of young children in matters of food can be quite a daunting task.

Quick Snacks & Your Child’s Health

With most of the working mothers today, packing a healthy tiffin item for their child every morning is quite a challenge, since there is the paucity of time as they themselves have to rush to work as well. Often, parents choose to pack biscuits, chips, pretzels or other fried & junk snacks which can apparently spoil the child’s health in the long run. It's time that mothers need to introspect of what they are packing for their children. Since the unhealthy snacks provided to them can make them addicted to it, without knowing its several adverse impacts on their child’s health. It's necessary that mothers plan their children's’ meals well to effectively de-addict their children from binging on unhealthy snacks & junk foods.

Quick Snacks For Making Wise Food Choices For Your Child

Few quick snacks can be prepared at home over the weekends and stored for a long time. Preparing dry quick snacks in adequate amounts over the weekends can solve the problem of early morning hassle for packing your child’s tiffin. Following are a few of the quick snacks which are healthy and you can pack them for your kids without worrying about their health.

1. Tricolour Veg Sandwich

Prepare the filling in more amount on weekends and store in refrigerator. Apply these fillings on bread slices alternately and grill them if your child them so. Prepare carrot filling, pudina and cabbage filling for the three colours.

2. Energy/Nutrition Bars

Yummy, healthy nuts & oats bars are available in several shops or online as well. You can also prepare these bars at home choosing your own set of healthy ingredients.

3. Puffed Lotus Seeds Chivda

Roasted lotus seeds or makhana are crunchy & yummy to munch on during short breaks. Prepare this in bulk on weekends and pack this for your child’s tiffin on mornings during weekdays.

4. Veg Paneer/Soya Wraps

Prepare filling of cabbage, bell peppers and cottage cheese or soya nuggets and store. Serve with chapattis or parathas in kids’ tiffin.

5. Dates & Sesame Balls (ladoos)

Rich in iron and calories, this healthy item can serve as healthy quick snacks for tiffin.
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