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Portable Snacking Ideas And Energy Bars – Better Than The Best

Feeling hungry in the middle of the day or late evening is common and snacking is part of a healthy diet however it becomes a problem when driven by hunger people are drawn towards unhealthy junk like chips, candies, etc. Snacks, healthy snacks between meals keeps your metabolism running, helps you stay energized snacks then it does your body more harm than benefit. The biggest hurdle to eating healthy is the unavailability of healthy snacks. All around you unhealthy junk is abundantly available and healthy snacks almost impossible to find. On top of it our on-the-run schedules make it hard to sit down for a healthy snack and as most people point out healthy snacks are difficult to carry or make.


Eating healthy or snacking healthy is not difficult and to help you make the better choice we have compiled a list of portable snacks you can keep handy in your bag or your desk drawer.
  1. Nuts

    Nuts are lightweight, easy to carry and have a long shelf life. Filled with proteins, vitamins, minerals, good omega and fiber, nuts are healthiest snacks to eat when hungry.
  2. Fruits

    Fruits are juicy, nutritious and sweet fruits are natures own healthy dessert. Fruits though are difficult to carry and store but are always easily available.
  3. Dried fruits

    If fruits are cumbersome for you then go for the dried fruits like kiwi, figs, apricots, dates, raisins, etc.
  4. Seeds

    Seeds are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds etc. are crunchy and tasty snacks you can carry it easily or keep handy when hungry or in the mood for a healthy munch.
  5. Yoghurts

    It is filled with calcium, proteins and the essential probiotic is the amazing snack to keep you full and energized.
  6. Trail mixes

    Trail Mix are combinations of nuts and dried fruits along with some grains. They are also nutritious options especially while you are on a camping trip, hiking or hitting the road.
  7. Energy bar

    The energy bar is small in size but big on nutrition. With the goodness of wholesome ingredients, the energy bar is an easy way to energize your day.


All the above snacks are potent and prove their efficiency as the healthy snack for all. But energy bars kind of steal the show for they made up of the combination of ingredients like the fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, oats, granola etc. In short, you get the best of all the healthy snacks packed in one healthy energy bar. Furthermore, Energy bars are easy to carry and a true portable snack. These small and healthy snack bars fit easily in your pockets, backpack or purse. They have a long shelf life (up to 180 days) so you can easily stash than in your drawer or cabinet and eat it when hungry.

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Earlier energy bars were introduced as the protein bar and were quite popular amongst the athletes and sportsman but as the time changed the energy bars also evolved. Now you will find different types of bars in the market and are equipped to meet all your diet and health needs. Before buying or zeroing in on a particular energy bar make sure to evaluate its function.

Protein bars are ideal for people involved in sports, working out or building muscle. Protein bars generally contain a perfect balance of proteins and carbohydrates that boost your workout and help your muscle recovery post workout. Protein bars are also the best option for cyclists as well as marathon runners while training to help build muscle strength. Healthy protein bars contain good quality proteins like whey or casein and provide protein anywhere between 10-15gms per bar.

In our fast-paced life, people always complain about the lack of time to sit down to a healthy meal. Skipping breakfast or having a late lunch is something that negatively affects your health and productivity. For such people, the meal-replacer energy bars are a magical solution. Meal-replacer bars contain a perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other healthful vitamin and mineral to keep you going throughout for the day. If you are planning a hiking trip or trekking through wilderness then a hassle-free healthy snack to enjoy is nothing less than heaven. So be sure to pack these meal-replacer bars in your backpack before you hit the road for they make a great convenience snack or survivor food.

Energy bar as a snack outshines all for they are the portable, healthy, tasty and nutritious treat. The crunchy and gooey energy bars make snacking an enjoyable experience. Healthy Snack bars are usually low in calories say 200-300kcals and ideal as the mid-meal snack. They are also the perfect partner for people trying to lose weight. Energy bar makes it easy to keep your calories in check and helps you stick to your diet.


The best part about the energy bar is that it is made up of many different types of ingredients. Most energy bars are blend or combination of various ingredients like oats, granola, quinoa, seeds, nuts, fruits, dried fruits and many more. This raises the nutrient quotient of the energy bar and makes it a wholesome snack. Most energy bars are made up of natural and organic ingredients and this makes them better than other processed and packaged snack. The healthiest energy bars are without added sugar, Tran’s fat and artificial sweeteners. Taste is the important factor and the truly best brands of healthy energy bars have marvelously blended the best of taste with nutrition. Amongst the hype of taste and nutritional claims, screening the energy bars for the healthiest of energy bars is not an easy task.


The market for energy bars has risen quite profoundly in recent years. Amongst the heavy marketing and health claims, it becomes difficult to separate healthy energy bars from sugar-filled candy bars. The following criteria’s help select healthiest energy bar-
  1. Total calories

    Depending on your health goals you can choose between a high-calorie or low-calorie energy bar. For example, a pre-workout or pre-run energy bar can be high in calories and the post-workout or mid-meal snack can be low in calories. Ideally, a healthy energy bar should provide 200-350kcals.
  1. Proteins

    Proteins are an important factor to be considered while choosing a healthy energy bar. Look for good quality proteins like whey or casein based protein bars. The healthiest energy bar should provide 5 gm or more of proteins.
  1. Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates in your energy bars should not exceed 20gm and it should contain at least 3-5gm of fiber. Check out the ingredient list for the type of carbohydrate it contains. Complex carbohydrates are what you should be looking for and avoid energy bars that contain refined carbohydrates in it.
  1. Sugar

    An energy bar with sugar in it is not healthy in any way. A healthy snack bar or energy bar should contain less than 8gms of added sugar. Healthy Energy bars or nutrition bars should contain little or no added sugar and artificial sugars but instead provide sweetness from natural sources like dates, raisins, apricots, figs etc.
  1. Healthy Fats

    Healthy Fats in the form of healthy omega and MUFA is what your energy bar should provide and at the same time should be free of Trans fat and contain less than 3gms of saturated fat.
Energy bars when chosen wisely can be a healthy snacking you have been looking for. They are made to fit all your need and goals. From cyclist to hikers, athletes to the runner, weight watchers to health enthusiast, energy bar are for all. They replace your unhealthy junk and keep you going on the path of healthy eating. Energy bars are a perfect alternative to sugar-filled candy bars or chocolate bars that curbs your cravings without compromising your health.
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