Nutrition Bars Is Healthiest Food

Nutrition Bars - Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Nutrition bar or more commonly known as energy bars are quite the talk of the town. Moving out from its niche of sportsman and bodybuilder the energy bars or protein bars have strung a cord with general masses too, especially the ones who take their health seriously. Earlier energy bars concentrated more on proteins and hence most of these bars are still famously called the protein bars but now the use of diverse ingredients and fulfilling a majority of different health goals, energy bars are nutritionally balanced to provide all the essential nutrients a person needs to get through the day. Hence calling them nutrition bars is more apt than ever. We will take a look at what these nutrition bars are and how they help you with your health goals.

Nutrition bar with healthy ingredientsWhat Are The Nutrition Bars

Nutrition bar provides a balanced mix of right nutrients you need to fuel and revive your body. These bars are small and pocket-sized; therefore they easily fit into your backpack or purse. They are perfectly healthy meals and snacks for anyone on the go. With our fast-paced lifestyle, we rarely have time to sit for a proper filling breakfast or a well-balanced lunch. More than often we find ourselves stuck in traffic, unplanned meetings or extended commitments which lead to skipping meals more than often leaving our body carving for energy and desiring the junk and sugar-filled treats. Nutrition bars are just the option for all the people who find themselves unable to sit for a proper meal and yet aspire to eat healthy. These small pocket-sized bars are handy nutritional boosters that keep you going through the day without having to give up your health goals.

What Are Nutrition Bar Made Of?

Nutritional bars, mind you the healthy ones, are mostly made up of oats, whole grain cereals or granola. This ensures a steady supply of energy with good fibre to keep you sated and energized for the day. In addition, they contain healthful ingredients like superseeds, nuts & dried fruits, fruit, honey quinoa etc which offer quality nourishment with their bountiful nutrients. Most of these healthiest nutrition bars contain a hearty mix of these healthful ingredients with lip-smacking flavors to please your sense of taste. Depending on the purpose for which you choose bars, the nutrient content will vary. For example- a post workout bar will be high in proteins with moderate carbohydrates to help build and recover your muscles whereas a bar for a cyclist or a runner needs to be high in calories to thrust his/her ride or run. Similarly, a nutrition bar to be used as a weight loss aid or meal replacer will be high in fibre and proteins. So whenever you choose a bar, be clear regarding your health goals so that you reap the benefits you desire and deserve.

How To Select a Healthy Bar?

There are numerous energy bars brands, types and flavors of bar available in the market. One thing you should keep in mind while shopping for nutritional bars is that not all nutritional bars are same and not all bars offer what they claim. Following tips will help you select the healthiest nutrition bars.
  1. Natural and Organic

Always read the ingredient list before buying any bar. The ingredients present in the bar of your choice should be natural and not artificial chemicals. If the ingredients are organic then it’s for the best.
  1. Sugar-Free Nutrition Bars

A nutrition bar you choose for yourself shouldn’t have any added sugar in it. Look for maple sugar syrup or corn sugars which are variations of sugar. A nutrition bar with natural sweetening agents like fruits, dried fruits and honey should be the steal deal.
  1. Good Quality Protein Bars

The protein content of the bar should be based on the time and purpose of eating it. However, a bar with 10-20gms is ideal. The type of protein used in the bar is important. Whey and casein based proteins are ideal to select over soy-based proteins.
  1. Watch Out For The Low Fat Bars

The little amount of fat is important especially the healthy omega 3. However, look out for the saturated fat and Tran’s fat. The hydrogenated vegetable oils are the name behind which the Tran’s fat is hidden.

Which Nutrition Bars Are Available In India?

India as a market for nutrition bar is fast expanding. With globalization, many famous international brands have successfully established their products like Clif bars and Quest Nutrition protein bar. At the same time, Indian companies have also ventured headlong into the race. The top and best energy bars to look for India include- Yoga energy bars, Ritebite max protein and nutrition bars, Eat anytime nutrition bar, Nature Valley granola bars. To conclude, there are many conflicting views and opinions when it comes to nutrition bars and energy bars. If you see, these convenient portable meals or snacks are always a better and healthier option compared junk we call snack like chips, fries, crisp, Maida-filled biscuits and sugar-packed soft drinks and energy drinks. A healthful dose of natural ingredients and bountiful nutrients in every bite of a healthy nutrition bar help you stay healthy and eat healthy anywhere and anytime.
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