Quick Healthy Snack

Nourishing Quick Snacks Can Be A Big Step Towards Healthy Eating

Your First Step Towards Eating Healthy

Our lives are demanding. That’s given. We start our days early and finish late. Sometimes meetings end way past our lunch hour and we end up skipping lunch altogether. There’s no particular time for dinner either because we never know what time we’d get home. Even though we all know how bad it is for the body to skip meals, we continue to ignore some of the early signs like fatigue and acidity due to lack of food and carry on with our usual ways. What’s worse is that we replace actual meals with junk food, which is full of carbs and gives us little or no nourishment at all. Instead, these foods not only make us feel bloated but can also have long-term repercussions leading to heart disease, diabetes and obesity, among other issues. But don’t lose hope because these conditions are reversible. All you have to do is try out some of these simple yet profound ways of making healthy, frequent eating a part of your everyday life. And by healthy eating, we don’t just mean three big meals. Instead, we mean smaller portions (quick snacks that are healthy) spread over the course of the day. Let me introduce you to MyDIETist, we have a mobile application that helps customers who are looking at living a healthy Lifestyle get their Best Fit Diet Plan for free. This is coupled with a Premium option to reach out to an experienced Dietician for a virtual consultation thru Skype, Go to Meeting, Facetime, etc. The app helps you monitor your progress until the last mile and is quite flexible to help you achieve your dream goal. 1) Include fruits and fiber in your diet: Fruits are a great source of energy. They keep you feeling light yet satisfied. So instead of reaching out for a chocolate bar, reach out for an apple or an orange at work. 2) Have frequent meals: Gone are those days of eating three meals a day. Now, with the kind of work pressure we deal with, we need quick bursts of energy, which smaller yet more frequent meals can provide us. 3) Keep yourself hydrated: The best way to keep yourself hydrated is by carrying a bottle of water wherever you go, whether it is your office desk, a long meeting or even your car, and keep sipping water to keep yourself hydrated and energetic. 4) Spice it up: When we say healthy eating, we do not mean bland and boring food. Instead of making it too rich and spicy, we suggest you experiment with different herbs along with low-fat dressings and see what you like the most. 5) Include nuts and seeds to your diet: Nuts and seeds can give you the required calcium, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. If you can’t eat them raw, add them to your food. For instance, black or white sesame seeds should be sprinkled on top of your veggies and salads. You can even try adding pistachios and cashews to give your cooking a royal touch. 6) Healthy Nutrition bars: Quick snacking can become smart snacking by eating healthy, nutritious bars that are made using dates, raisins and lots of nuts and seeds. They are balanced meals and provide you with the right amount of nutrition to keep you going for a couple of hours. Just try our EAT Anytime bars. And mind you, our nutrition bars not only taste great but are also very filling, and give you all the energy you need to get through a long day at work.
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