Meal Replacement Bars can help to lose weight

Meal Replacement Bars : The Handy & Healthy Meal Option during Weight Loss

What are Meal Replacement Bars?

Meal replacement bars are wholesome & nutritionally optimum nutrition bars which can be an excellent substitute for a usual normal meal as a whole. Originally, they were developed as a compact meal in itself for astronauts & space travellers, which had a long shelf life, edible & easy to carry. Over a period of time, several meal replacement bars, shakes, powders have been formulated over the years, as people preferred quick, handy meals over homemade meals. Today, they are administered for varied purposes, ranging from therapeutic reasons to low-calorie weight loss option.

How are they a better meal option during weight loss?

Since the meal replacement bars available today have been formulated to cater to weight loss efforts of the general populace as well, they have been specially customized keeping in mind the weight loss criteria. These bars aren’t calorically dense & at the same time packed with good amounts of nutrients required to maintain a steady weight. Following are the reasons why these bars are much more appropriate to choose during weight loss than other meal items :
  • Calorically less dense
  • Adequate Fibre
  • Optimum proteins
  • Complex Carbs as a source of Carbohydrates
These bars can pack a wonderful, convenient, on-the-go meal item when one has fallen short of healthy alternatives to choose from & doesn’t wish to give in to junk food cravings. See Also: Craving to indulge in snacking during weight loss: Diet Snacks are the solution Often, people leading hectic lifestyles & erratic diet patterns, find it a herculean task to cook healthy, low-calorie meals on a daily basis to carry. Still, quite a few of them, choose to eat out once or twice a week, but without sabotaging their weight loss efforts. These specially formulated bars in the market serves as a relief for such people.

How to choose Meal Replacements Bars Smartly?

Meal replacers can be chosen which contain adequate amounts of complex which can keep our energy levels up, without having high amounts of simple sugars. Unsaturated fat amounts can be up to 8 gms/bar which shall be filling, and sourcing from healthy nuts. Protein content can be ranging from 8-10 gms/bar whereas fibre content around 4 gms, both of which play an essential role in suppressing appetite & enhancing weight loss, due to their satiety quotient.

Meal Replacers, Not a Meal Substitute!

Yes, a word of caution for people striving for weight loss, that these bars are not meant to be substituted exclusively for most meals during the day. Of course, they can never provide the minerals & vitamins which can be obtained from consuming a bowl of salad with natural veggies & fruits. They are meant only for having as occasional alternatives for meals when we tend to skip whole meals due to hectic schedules
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