Low-Calorie Snacks Perfect for Weight Loss

Low-Calorie Snacks Perfect for Weight Loss

As someone who has always been the victim of lose-weight fast diets online, weight loss has been synonymous with no snacking. It has been synonymous with starving myself.

But no more.

As someone who is currently on her weight loss journey and on the journey of finding self-love, I must make sure that no one feels the same way I felt: Starting a new diet - The inability to stop myself from snacking - falling into the trap of binge eating - hating myself -and repeat.

To my surprise, choosing the right snacks can help your weight loss journey, manage your daily calorie intake, and provide essential nutrients to fuel your body. However, the trick is finding the right ones. Let us embark on this journey of finding your secret weapon to weight loss together.

What qualifies as a low-calorie Snack?

While specific calorie requirements might differ, a low-calorie snack contains fewer calories per serving as compared to other snacks. Generally, a low-calorie snack contains equal to or less than 100-150g calories per serving. These snacks have high nutrient content without contributing to excessive calorie intake and are generally made from unprocessed or minimally processed ingredients. Without talking in medical terms, allow me to give you some examples.

Fresh fruits and vegetables with tasty dips are one of the easiest and most nutrient-rich low-calorie snacks. One can also explore healthy dip options like hummus, greek yogurt dip, etc. Other examples include air-popped yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, fox nuts (or makhana), and smoothies, etc. My personal favorites are the Cheese and Jalapeno Vacuum Cooked Chickpeas and the Spicy Peri Peri Chickpea by EAT Anytime. 

However, other equally wise choices include mixed nuts, chia pudding, oatmeal etc.

Low-calorie snacks: Perfect for Weight loss or an Illusion?

Caution: We must remember that snacks are meant for snacking and hence must be eaten in moderation. When eaten in moderation, Low-calorie snacks are perfect for weight loss.

These snacks can be your companion in a calorie deficit. As listed above, these snacks contain very few calories per serving. Hence, they can aid individuals undergoing calorie deficits in their weight loss journey.

These snacks are also immensely helpful in Satiety and Appetite Management as most low-calorie snacks are rich in nutrient content like fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Hence, consuming such snacks can make one feel fuller for longer periods and help prevent binge-eating. These nutrients also slow down digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Additionally, The key to building a healthy and fast metabolism is to prevent prolonged periods of starvation and ensure a balanced diet. Low-calorie snacks help you do precisely that.

Macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fat, and protein are responsible for managing energy levels and regulating appetite. Low-calorie snacks contain a balanced amount of said nutrient preventing energy crashes, cravings, or mood swings.

With all of these benefits, the cherry on top is the fact that these snacks are super versatile and mouth-watering. What more does one need?

Things you must know before incorporating Low-calorie snacks into your diet

Now that the goodness and richness of these snacks are established, here are certain things you must keep in mind while incorporating them into your diet. Smaller plates lead to smaller scales. This might sound stupid however, I say this with personal experience, using smaller bowls for snacking and making a conscious effort to chew them properly, already does half the task for you. Taking smaller portions prevents you from overeating and conscious chewing leads one to feeling more fuller.

It is essential to partake in mindful eating. If you feel the urge to snack or to cheat, acknowledge the need that your body is communicating to you without mindlessly suppressing it. Indulge in what your body wants you to in moderation and try to remain away from screens while you do so. It is easy to empty packets of unhealthy chips while you watch Netflix or stalk someone online, however, sitting with one’s thoughts allows one to be with oneself, relinquish each tastebud, and eat mindfully.

Additionally, planning your snack routine can also help. If you know you feel hungry in the afternoon on your ride back home, it is better to keep some low-calorie snacks in your college or work bag rather than spending on greasy unhealthy street snacks.

Ultimately, we must remember that healthy eating is a conscious choice and should feel like one every day.

Happy eating!

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