Best energy bars in India

Energy Bars - Snacks That Give You Energy Fast

Energy bars have become quite ‘the talk of the town’, as a new emerging health trend. Energy bars have proven their versatility and are now not limited to sports fraternity or body builder’s guild. In this article, we have summarized all the health benefits of energy bars & which is the healthiest energy bar for you, which you can use to meet different health goals.

ENERGY BARS - Portable Meal That You Can Eat By One Hand

In today’s time, we rarely find time to sit for a quite healthy wholesome meal. In addition, we find ourselves skipping meals trying to make our ends meet leading to longer gaps between meals, increased cravings for fatty and sugary foods and overeating. This unhealthy eating practice leads to health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases etc. Three things make energy bar popular i.e. they are portable, healthy and tasty. Energy bars gained popularity because they make eating healthy and wholesome foods less time-consuming. Energy bars are small, pocket-sized snacks, which you can carry in your purse or pocket and nourish your body while on-the-run. These small nutritious energy bars can be used as breakfast bars, quick energy refills, meal replacers, mid-meal snack or for an increased protein punch.

ENERGY BARS - Convenient Source of Nutrition in Wide Variety of Flavors

There are different types of energy bars available in the market, ranging from low-calorie energy bars, perfect for weight loss and maintenance, to high-calories bars for athletes and trainers. The best part about these energy bars or nutrition bars (called aptly as they contain many vital nutrients like vitamin A, B-complex, selenium, zinc, calcium etc.) is that they are filling and help you count your calories. Energy bars or nutrition bars are always a better option than other deep fried crisps and refined flour filled cookies. They are great as snacks between meals, keeping you off the unhealthy junk.

ENERGY BARS - Rich in Proteins

Proteins are in generally lacking in our diets, especially the Indian vegetarian diet. Even the non-vegetarian eating communities in India are found to be deficient in proteins. Proteins are an important part of healthy eating be it for weight loss, sugar management, sports, muscle building, resistance training etc. Earlier energy bars were basically protein bars formulated specifically to help sportsman, athletes and gymnasts. However, now the use of energy bars have diversified, the protein still remains an integral part of the make-up. The healthiest energy bars contain adequate amounts and good quality of proteins like soy, whey and casein.

ENERGY BARS - Best Carbohydrate Sources For Runners

Newer research and studies have highlighted the role of carbohydrates in maintaining good health. Good carbohydrates i.e our whole grain cereals, granola, oats, quinoa, dried fruits and fruits are basic ingredients found in all the healthiest energy bars. Packed with fiber and good carbohydrates these energy bars are ideal snack or energy fuel for Runners. They provide a sustained release of energy that keeps you energized for the day and also fuels your training sessions, workouts, runs and hikes. The market for energy bars has seen a tremendous rise and the supermarkets and online shops are overflowing with varieties and types of the energy bar- the low-calorie nutrition bars and high calorie, high protein energy bars, the gluten-free, vegan and organic nutrition bars too low fat and cholesterol-free varieties. Choosing a healthy nutrition bar is an important criteria when it comes to reaping the aforementioned health benefits because most of the bars available in the markets are just sugar-filled candies replicating a healthy energy bar. To sum it up, an energy bar is as healthy as you choose.
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