Energy Bars : A Perfect Snack Option For Weight Gain

Dealing with Below Average Body Weight

The body weight of each individual is governed by each of their respective rates of metabolism & hormonal system. The working of these systems is unique for each individual, this explains the variable nature of body weight maintained by each person. A person having inherited a thin frame of the body from his parents may have to put up a hard struggle with his or her body to shift the set weight for their bodies, in order to gain weight. The same stands true for people of the other extreme, who has a large frame, wish to lose a good amount of weight & find it difficult since all in their family are of hefty built. Apart from the heredity factor, the metabolism also plays a crucial role. Metabolism is the number of calories which the body burns to maintain the smooth functioning of the body. In underweight cases, the metabolism rate may be higher than average, that’s the reason why some people don’t find their weight increasing by even one pound, though they may be binging on calorie dense foods.

Breaking the Set Weight In Underweights

Most often dieticians focus on increasing the overall calories of the day’s diet for gaining weight. One strategy which can play a crucial in breaking the set weight is planning compact, energy dense meals. Planning 2-3 energy dense, mini snacks during the day can help pump those extra pounds in underweights & see the weighing scale moving upwards. Munching on energy bars often as snacks can increase the day’s caloric intake automatically. The reason why elaborate meals with large portion sizes can’t be planned for underweights is that they feel full faster and can’t consume large meals at one go. Hence, planning compact snack meals which consist of the right amount of most macronutrients as well as high in calories, can help in gaining weight.

The composition of Compact High-Calorie Snacks

Energy bars are the most convenient & portable form of compact, energy-dense snacks which ensures a good amount of calories for weight gain as well as good nutrition. So, when you go shopping for your pack of energy bars to snack on, do keep in mind to check them for their ingredients in the labels. Commercial energy bars often contain loads of simple sugar in form of sugar alcohols, additives or corn syrup. These can play havoc with your health in the long run, in the name of weight gain. Good quality energy bars impart sweetness from natural dried fruits, or at times, even brown sugar. They contain good fats from essential nuts such as dried & roasted pumpkin or sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, pistachios. Complex carbs from sources such as granola, oats, quinoa make the energy bars complete with optimum nutrition. So, an energy bar providing 200-250 kcals with most of the ingredients as suggested above & with minimum additives & preservatives is an excellent compact meal to opt for :)
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