Nutrition Bars For Kids

Encouraging Children To Eat Healthy Through Nutrition Bars

Parents hold a great responsibility in developing healthy eating habits in their children. Children often learn better when they observe their parents themselves following the healthy eating habits which they tend to preach to them. Children are less likely to fill their dishes with salads, veggies & protein rich soups if they observe their parents filling their meal dishes with fat rich gravies, desserts or pizzas. The same goes true when it comes to choosing snack options. Parents themselves need to be extra diligent in choosing their best snacking options to binge on at leisure, lest their children follow suit. Healthiest nutrition bars can be one of the best snacking options, for both adults & children alike.

Tips for Incorporating Nutrition Bars As Snacks For Kids

Adopting an unhealthy, erratic eating pattern right from childhood can be harmful & dangerous for the child’s chronic health. They may develop obesity, heart diseases, hypertension earlier in life. Most of these food choices are pertaining to their snack options since main meals are mainly had in homes, under parents’ supervision. It's only the snacks that they happen to eat out when they are with their friends. Following are a few of the ways in which you can make your child choose their snacks wisely without compromising in their health.
  • Stock the goodies/snack boxes at Home with Nutrition bars

Discontinue stocking of junk foods such as baked foods, biscuits in your home in snack boxes which is within your child's reach at home. Store yummy, delicious dry snacks on weekends such as nutrition bars, nut fudges puffed rice & nuts mixture, homemade fried goodies which can be stored safely for long.
  • Teach By Example

Healthy habits can more effectively be adopted especially by children when putting into practice by their role models. Begin making wise food choices on the dining table & outside yourself, so that your child picks up this habit as well.
  • Fill their Tiffins with Healthy Foods to Carry

If you happen to fill their tiffin boxes daily before sending them to school, make sure you fill them with healthy foods such as fruit parfait, muesli, fruit salad, nutrition bars which they find it appetizing & more desirable.
  • No Deprivation – Teach Balance

With kids, this is one thing which won’t work for long - deprivation. Forcibly keeping them away from choosing junk foods can backfire leading them to binge later in life when they reach adolescence when they see their peers doing the same. Explain to them the reason why unhealthy for them, permit occasional indulgence of junk foods on weekends but balance them with choosing healthy food during the week.
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