Choose Right to Eat Right

Eating Right Starts with Choosing Right

Our lifestyle today is full of conveniences and yet we hardly have any time left for ourselves. We are on the go from the morning sun till the ending light. Without proper and healthy nutrition, the struggle to stay fit will be a losing battle. The trend of nutritional bars is a clever way to tackle our problem of not the time for healthy eating. In this blog, we will learn about the right choices to make juggling our schedules and fulfilling our roles. We all want to be healthy, stay fit but we rarely know about the right choices to make. There is an overload of information and more the information the more confusing it gets. To simply put, eating healthy is easy once you understand your needs and differentiate between the right and wrong. Good nutrition goes a long way when it comes to being healthy Below are a few instances wherein we find ourselves at the loss when it comes to eating healthy. We want to choose healthily but we don't know what to choose and more often end up choosing wrong foods. So let’s see how you can choose the best nutritionally balance food at all times.
  1. Wake up to Breakfast: almost all the media around you emphasize on the importance of breakfast but still the majority of us don't take it seriously. Most of the time it is our lack of time that makes it impossible to sit down to a proper breakfast. So how do we overcome this hurdle?
Solution: most importantly make time for breakfast. Breakfast can be simple and easy to make-
  • a bowl full of cereals topped with fruits
  • a steaming oat porridge with crushed nuts.
  • A whole wheat or ragi wrap with veggies or chicken
  • A simple old sandwich
  • A wholesome smoothie with fruits, milk and dash of healthful seeds.
  • Gobble down a Scrambled egg or boiled egg with a glass of milk
  • Traditional Indian Paratha preferable multi-grain with yogurt is never a No!.
Still, you find yourself in a rush? Just grab a nutritional bar on your way out.
  1. When at Night outs - all work and no fun make us all grumpy. A night out with friends and family is one way to de-stress yourself. But how do you stick to your healthy eating ritual during these fun-times?
Solution: no worries, take your time out have fun while enjoying these healthy treats as well:
  • Binge on chilled fruits
  • A fruity milkshake ground up with the handful of nuts
  • Munch up on nutritional bars to keep yourself revved up all night.
  • High fiber biscuits or multigrain biscuits can be good crunch too.
  1. Late nights in office: can be rather grim especially if you have oppressed yourself with unhealthy junk food. This is very often the story most of the times, we simply grab a pack of chips or binge on chocolate or order a cheesy pizza. Such unhealthy food makes you irritable and sluggish and adds up to the exhaustion and other health problems like gas, acidity, indigestion. How do you keep yourself refreshed and attentive while working overtime?
Solution: unexpected and unplanned late nights at the office can be tough and healthy options around will be quite scarce.
  • A low-fat vegetable or chicken sandwich can make your night.
  • A glass of fresh juice or milkshake can also refuel you for the night ahead.
  • Your habit of carrying nutritional bars can be a savior at such times.
  • Flavored yogurt can really chill you up.
  1. When at work: why just a late night, even while working during the day we get so lost in our labors that we miss our meals. In our on-the-run schedules where sitting down for a meal is sometimes an impossible luxury, nutritional bars seem like a much-needed innovation.
Solutions: along with nutritional bars, other options on hands are:
  • Always carry nuts to be ready for rescue at such times.
  • Good old fruits are always a bite away
  • A chilled milkshake or juice or smoothie can smooth out your mood.
  • Yogurts or buttermilk never have been better
  1. While traveling: this can be real trouble if you are not properly packed. While on the move option s to choose healthy become limited depending on the distance and availability around you. So to start with always pack your food along. Travelling need not be a long distance; even going back home from work or school you will want to keep a stack of healthy food handy. What foods should you bag?
Solution: remember to eat and don’t starve yourself so you can enjoy the journey.
  • Fruits are always available, in fact, new places have new varieties to offer
  • Hydrate and enrich yourself with coconut water
  • Fresh juice always when under the sun rather than the colas
  • Nuts are your friends till the last
  • Low fat baked Khakras go a long way.
  • Without a doubt, grab-and-gobble nutritional bars are great options all times.
Focus on how you feel after eating. The more healthy food you eat, the better you’ll feel after a meal. This will be your guide in choosing healthy options no matter what your situation is. Healthy eating is about developing a habit which requires a thoughtful approach in which you reflect, replace, and reinforce.
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