Dates Energy Bars

Why Dates Make A Great Ingredient For Energy Bars?

Dates - The Super Food

Dates are potent superfoods because they contain easily digested minerals and vitamins, and are high in dietary fiber. Plus, dates contain many health-promoting nutrients, such as iron, potassium and vitamins A, B and K. The dietary fiber found in dates helps to reduce harmful cholesterol, promotes waste removal from the colon and binds with substances that contain disease-causing chemicals. The iron contained in dates is used by the body for producing hemoglobin, a component of red blood cells. These cells are required for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Moreover, the vitamin A and B vitamins in dates support eye health and protect against macular degeneration. And finally, the potassium in dates is an electrolyte that helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rate. In short, some of the most prominent health benefits of eating dates include relief from constipation, better bone health, relief from intestinal disorders and anemia, and dates are a great energy booster. If dates aren’t already a big part of your daily consumption, here are some great ways of making dates a part of your everyday life. Benefits Of Dates 1) You can keep a packet of dates in your car or in your bag and when you feel your sugar and energy levels are low, you can eat them raw and that will definitely give you instant energy. 2) This sweet fruit makes an excellent addition to your regular breakfast of cereal, snacks or porridge. 3) Dates make a great replacement for regular sugar and at the same time, adds a sweet flavor to everything you add it to. 4) Dates can also be added to cakes, bread, energy bars, milkshakes and many other dishes, making it a perfect addition to your everyday cooking. 5) Since dates are capable of providing instant energy, it can also be used to make your own energy bars or granola bars at home for your children. You can add some nuts and oats to make it a healthy snack for your children, especially for afternoons when they crave a small snack and are tempted to grab a bag of crisps. Just like our EAT Anytime nutrition bars, now available in two delicious flavors, Orange and Mint, which have been specially created using dates. These energy bars not only taste great but are also very filling, and will give your child all the energy he needs to get through school or tennis practice in the evening.
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