Diet Snacks are the solution

Craving to indulge in snacking during weight loss : Diet Snacks are the solution

People going for weight loss may get obsessed about frantically checking out calories of every food item, before they can pop them in their mouths. But, there is more to weight loss than just avoiding calories. It is also about developing conscious food choices which shall help achieve overall health & choosing smart food combinations which shall aid in losing weight. Yes, you have heard it right. Eating wisely can aid in losing weight rather than just playing the “refusal” game with most foods!! Why Diet Snacks Become Important? Snacks are those mini meals which can help us deal with those hunger pangs during the day, which are experienced in between main meals. Consuming snacks or mini meals twice or thrice through the day holds us from binging excessively or more than the prescribed portions during main meals. They also help keep our metabolism going at a steady pace throughout the day so that our food consumed is utilized well and not converted to fat stores. Diet snacks can be more tailor-made to cater to individuals striving for weight loss, since these snacks may differ in composition slightly from other normal snacks. But, they serve the same purpose as mentioned above. Moreover, they also aid in weight loss through an alternate method rather than directly burning calories. The Desirable Composition Of Diet Snacks Diet Snacks may comprise mainly of protein rich as well as fibre rich foods & are limited in carbohydrates. Refined or simple carbs, saturated fats are a complete no-no in these snacks. Good fats such as omega-3 fatty acids & non-hydrogenated, unsaturated vegetable fats are advisable in some amounts. Making these snacks rich in protein as well as fibre shall aid in the purpose of losing weight in two indirect ways : Fibre during snacking facilitates satiety. This shall keep one full till dinner time or till the next meal, so that the next meal can be a comparatively lighter one or one may refrain for going for the extra serving of rice or main course item. Proteins in diet snacks aids in losing weight since the body utilizes more calories to digest protein rich foods. So more the amount proteins to be digested, more the body shall burn calories, and provide the body a leaner look. This is because proteins also help build muscle mass. But, we need to be cautious here. Simply consuming protein rich foods through the day may not completely serve the purpose of losing weight. Excessive protein consumption, if not supplemented with an exercise regime, shall enable the body to store it as fat as well, since its not being utilized by the body. Hence, a moderate protein supply needs to be balanced with an adequate amount of complex carbs. Amazing Examples of Wholesome Diet Snacks : Enjoy guilt free snacking with the below food combos as you watch your weight!
  • Salad Sticks with Hummus
  • Baked zucchini chips with peanut/ almond butter
  • Cooked oatmeal with chopped nuts
  • Khakra with boiled & sautéed sprouts
  • Veg chana chaat
  • Granola chia seeds health bars
  • Split pulse pancakes (chillas)
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