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Premium Quality California Almonds - 900g

Premium Quality California Almonds - 900g

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  • Gluten Free

  • No Added Sugar

  • Antioxidant

  • No Transfat

  • No Cholesterol

With Eat Anytime’s Californian Almonds, snacking vibes with a sprinkle of health! In a world full of wellness warriors, our almonds stand tall as your sidekick, bringing you all the natural goodness straight from California's lush valleys. More than just a snack, they're a tasty reminder of our commitment to keeping you smiling and healthy.

The Journey from Orchard to You: 

From those sun-soaked orchards to your eager hands, these Almonds are grown in a vibe that's all about cherishing our planet. Each almond is like a nugget of nature's best, so, when you crack open a pack of Eat Anytime Californian Almonds, you're basically opening a box of pure, nutty happiness.

Why Choose EATAnytime’s Almonds? 

Because these almonds aren't just premium, they're tiny powerhouses of goodness! Packed to the brim with all the stuff that makes healthy living effortless::

- Protein: The MVP of muscle repair and growth. Get ready to flex!

- Fibre: Keeping your tummy happy and satisfied, so you can snack smarter.

- Vitamins & Minerals: We're talking a treasure trove of Vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium, all in one crunchy bite.

- Antioxidants: Fighting off the bad vibes and keeping your wellness game strong.

Every Bite offer nutrition:

- Energy 612.2 Kcal per 100g

- Fat 50.84 g per 100g

- Protein (N* 5.18) 18.37 g per 100g

- Carbs 24.09 g per 100g

- Total Sugar 2.76 g per 100g

A Snack for All Seasons:

Whether you're hitting the gym, spicing up your morning yogurt, or just need a tasty boost in your recipes, our Californian Almonds are your snacking soulmates. They're like the BFF of your pantry, always there to add a dash of flavor and a whole lot of goodness to your day.

Beyond the Snack: Almonds in Your Daily Life:

Time to get creative with your almonds! Mix 'em into your morning smoothies for a protein-packed punch, toss 'em into salads for that extra crunch, or simply snack on 'em straight out of the pack for a midday pick-me-up. The possibilities are as endless as the good vibes these almonds bring.

Dedication to Sustainability:

Oh, and did we mention, we're all about keeping it green? Our love for sustainability goes beyond just our almonds. We're talking about responsible farming and packaging that's kind to our planet, because hey, we've got to keep this Earth happy for generations to come. So, when you choose Eat Anytime Californian Almonds, you're not just snacking, you're making a chill, eco-friendly choice for a happier, healthier you.