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Iranian Kimia Dates

Iranian Kimia Dates

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  • Gluten Free

  • No Added Sugar

  • Antioxidant

  • No Transfat

  • No Cholesterol

The finest dates of Iran, packed and brought to you in little pouches of mindful essentials.


Khajoor or Taarkha, no matter what you call them, dates share a bittersweet relationship with all of us! One might or might not like its texture, but no one can keep away from the natural sweetness dates have to offer. They do not only fill your mouth with an explosion of sweetness but also fill your stomach with good dietary fiber. 

Kimia Dates are most known for their use during auspicious days. Although dates are consumed for various religious faiths and beliefs, there are plenty of health benefits that silently support the good cause. Dates are a rich source of fibers, sugar, magnesium and potassium- all of which are necessary to restore the health and balance of the body. 

The large and plump dates serve as powerhouses of energy to the body and boost to the brain. Coming as a surprise, these dates are not consumed as sweet treats only but also adapted into a variety of savory dishes like tajines, muesli, and butter toasts.

Without further ado, we have established how good dates really are! Order your pack now so you never run out of the delicious treat that they have to offer.

What's even better is that these dates reach you in just 3-4 days. A little of Saudi's good crop is here! So why wait?